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There's all that stuff you learned from your Dad about the essential skills for when you're a man; the very valuable info you heard at Scouts and of course you've read a couple of books and seen a few DIY shows over the years...but you can't quite recall exactly what they all said. Well we're going to try to collect all that good info that we all learned (and then forgot) over the years.  Welcome to 'Man Up!'   We'll add regular articles about all the stuff that we all heard over the years that would come in very handy, if we could only remember it!

Manly Skills

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If you've got an idea for Man Up that you want to add or hell ask us to write about, Contact Us and let us know.  


Here are some feature articles:

southern-cross-and-pointers 150x150
  • Navigate using the Southern Cross

    If you ever have the misfortune of being lost at night out in the open, the battery on your smart phone with its GPS or night sky app is flat and like Bear Grylls you just "need to keep moving". Or more realistically you are at a party, out on the deck and are trying to impress the assembled crowd with your knowledge of astronomy. Here are two ways of locating the points of the compass by using the Southern Cross.  Read more...

BBQ Cleaning Tips
  • BBQ Cleaning Tips

    If you are anything like me the old BBQ generally gets cleaned the next time it's pulled out.  It is an interesting game to play remembering what you last cooked on it based on the remnants clinging to the grate and a bit of a microbiology lesson to as you scrub away what's now growing on the grill plate!  Read more...

  • How to tie a half-Windsor knot

Tying your own tie is a skill every man should have.  There are many ways to tie, each of which will all give you a slightly different look.  The half-Windsor is a good all-rounder for work and play.   Read more...

Change Flat Tire sml
  • How to Change a Tyre

    A manly skill that seems to have been somewhat forgotten these days. With the advent of mobile phones, breakdown services, and the reliability of the modern tyre changing a wheel has become a dark art. Read more...
broken down car sml
  • How to Jump Start a Car

    So you are running out the door in the morning figuring that you have left early enough that you'll make it to work just in time.  As you jumping  into the driver's seat you wonder if your wipers will be enough to move the thin layer of frosty ice on the windscreen.  Unfortunately you don't get the chance to find this out because when you turn on the car you get barely more than half a crank out of the engine, then nothing.  This wintertime scenario is all too frequently played out at the most inconvenient times - the car's battery is dead flat! Read more...
  • The Cost of Shaving

    Men, are you sometimes left wondering about the exorbitant cost of shaving with disposable cartridge razors?  Is there a better and cheaper way?
    Yes, I think there is!


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