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Are you looking for a unique gift for a man but don't know where to start? Maybe you just want to get something for yourself.  Let us help you.  We've broken down our range by a wide variety of recipients to help find a present tailored to suit every type of guy.  So have a look and get the perfect gift for the man that is (normally) so hard to buy for. 


...and remember, we do free gift wrapping!!

Uni Student
  • Twenty Something /  Uni Student

    Are you looking for a gift of a guy in his twenty's?  Is it your boyfriend's birthday or a Christmas present for your son?  We've got a wide selection of products for men of all ages.  
Man 30
  • Man (30+)

    He's starting to get quite a few things sorted out now; even settling down a bit; might have a few kids...a real job...and a mortgage.  You know all the fun stuff that results from getting on with life.  So why not get him a gift!  
Senior Man
  • Senior Man

    It's not easy getting a gift for the man who has 'been there, done that'.  His tastes are more refined and he knows what he likes.  That's why we have a range for discerning men.
  • Dad

    Whether you're 2, 20, or 40, your Dad is great!  Someone you admire and respect, who has been there through the years for you (even if you didn't always appreciate him at the time!).  
Sometimes you want to get your Dad a gift to show him how much he means to you.  Could be a present for Father's Day, Christmas or a gift for his Birthday.  It could also be just to introduce Dad to the latest and greatest...because your slightly embarrassed that he's still wearing a t-shirt you got him in 1994!   
Chef Grill Master
  • Chef / Grill Master

    Guys love to BBQ!  Well we can help with a gift for any man that loves to grill.  How about something from our BBQ Devil range of barbecue tools; or what about a manly cookbook with good ideas for the roasted lamb; we've even got BBQ aprons and gloves.   And of course don't forget our full range of Dave's Gourmet hot sauces and snacks.  Whatever his taste, we've got the perfect gift idea for the man who considers himself a dab hand in the kitchen or the king of the hot plate!
  • Geek

    He knows his stuff.  He can tell you how many elements in the periodic table.  Spock from Star Trek holds a special place in his heart and he can tell you how many different Dr Who there were.  He also reminds you a lot of someone from The Big Bang Theory. 
  • Professional

    His tastes are sophisticated and his choices refined.  He's the man that already has everything, which makes him especially hard to buy for. We've got some unique gift ideas that he'll love.
  • Handyman

    Your typical DIY Dad and general jack-of-all-trades.  He gets stuck in and gets the job done, and maybe has a quiet beer or two afterwards.  We've got stuff to help him with all those weekend projects, or a reward for when they're done.
Barista and bartender small
  • Bartender / Barista

    Need some new barware?  How about a wall mounted bottle opener for the Man Cave?  We've got a great selection of everything a guy needs to make the perfect cocktail, have a ice cold beer in style or just sit back and enjoy a great cup of coffee.  
Music Lover small
  • Music Lover

    Vinyl is back and headphones are getting bigger again.  We've got the music biographies that guys love to read; not to mention some fantastic music-inspired gifts to suit men that have watched the resurgence of the classic LP with enthusiasm.  
Blokes Bloke
  • Bloke's Bloke

    A good mate.  He's there when you need him, whether it's to help finish build the deck, or polish off the home brew.  With a manly gift from this range you'll be sure to get a grunt of appreciation!
Metro Man
  • Metro Man

    For the urban man that has embraced hair products and understands the benefits of moisturising. They are secure in their sexuality, and their sensitivity, intuition and penchant for grooming, style and fashion doesn't make them feel any less masculine. 
  • Outdoorsman

    He has a keen sense of direction and knows his way around a topographic map. He has been known to 'go bush' for days at a time and can live off the land. Get him a gift to make these trips a little more comfortable! 
  • Golfer

    Whether he's a scratch golfer or enjoys the occasional hack around the course with his mates here's a great place to find a golfing gift for a man who is sure his game will improve with a new piece of equipment!
Eco Man
  • Eco Man

    You don't have to be a "tree hugger" to be an Eco Man! Just a desire to keep the environment as clean and green as he can. Check out our range of recycled and eco-friendly products.
Sports Fan
  • Sports Fan

    We've got some great gift ideas for men who are avid sports fans. Whether he is a "shout at the screen" type of guy or the more "silent and staunch" bloke, check out our range of stuff to enhance his sporting experience.


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